Mexican truckers promised financial help from their government

| 8/22/2007

Mexican motor carriers selected to participate in the proposed cross-border program could receive financial assistance from the Mexican government to make them more competitive.

Apparently, government financial assistance has been promised to truckers and trucking companies that participate in the cross-border program to help them carve out a competitive edge. The money would be used to develop infrastructure like loading docks, support trucks and light-service trucks – elements that would make their business operations more competitive with their U.S. counterparts, according to a translated article from the Mexican publication T21.

Tirso Martinez, president of CANACAR – a Mexican trucking association – said in the article that the funding was approved by the Mexican Secretary of Economy, but had not yet been put in place.

Martinez said that truckers had requested the federal assistance before the “green flag” of the program. But, as of Aug. 20 when the article ran, no amount had been designated, and an interest rate had not been settled on, according to Martinez.

One of the potential stumbling blocks for the Mexican government in determining the funding for the assistance program is that the number of Mexican trucks participating in the cross-border program is still undetermined, according to the article.

– By Jami Jones, senior editor

Original T21 article translated by OOIDA staff member Stephanie Caswell.