Third alleged street racer charged in Canadian truck fatality

| 8/17/2007

A third driver has been charged in a fatal street-racing crash that killed a truck driver on Highway 400 in Ontario, Canada, in June.

According to the Barrie Examiner in Ontario, Ravi Badhwar was arrested on Wednesday, Aug. 15, and has been charged with street racing and criminal negligence causing a death. He has also been charged with causing a common nuisance.

Two other drivers were arrested and charged with the same crimes at the scene of the wreck.

The three were allegedly racing each other along Highway 400 in a Honda, a Pontiac and a Mustang, when the Pontiac collided with a tractor-trailer, forcing it into a ditch where it rolled over.

The driver of the truck, David Virgoe, was killed instantly. Virgoe was a driver for Wilburn Archer Trucking Company.

Earlier this week, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty announced plans to enact a $10,000 fine in that province for street racing, which is defined as driving a vehicle more 50 kilometers per hour – or 31 miles per hour – above the speed limit.