Texas to drop cash option on some toll roads

| 8/16/2007

If you travel frequently through Texas, don’t worry too much about bringing cash. In a few years, it won’t even get you on to some of the state’s toll roads.

The North Texas Tollway Authority has approved a measure that will convert all of its toll roads into all-electronic toll collection facilities. That means those little baskets that collect your coins will be a thing of the past.

According to a news release, the full implementation will be complete by 2010.

The authority operates four major toll roads in the state, including the Dallas North Tollway, the President George Bush Turnpike, the Addison Airport Toll Tunnel and the Mountain Creek Lake Bridge.

Authority officials said that under the new system, cameras will snap license plate pictures of those who don’t have electronic tolling devices in their vehicles and send them a bill later on.