Diesel prices down 5 cents

| 8/13/2007

The national average price for on-highway diesel had its most significant drop in weeks, down 5.1 cents to $2.847 per gallon for the week ending Monday, Aug. 13.

Ultra-low sulfur diesel, which makes up the majority of on-highway fuel, had a national average price of $2.861, down 4.9 cents from $2.910 per gallon the previous week.

Remaining low-sulfur diesel supplies averaged $2.790 per gallon, down 5.6 cents from $2.846.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration publishes a separate report for ULSD prices in nine pipeline regions in the U.S.

In California – itself a region under EIA – the average price for ULSD dropped 8.6 cents from $3.140 to $3.054 per gallon, producing the largest move of the week.

The West Coast region averaged $3.023 per gallon for ULSD, down an even 6 cents.

The Gulf Coast region also produced a significant decrease of 5.5 cents, giving it the cheapest average price in the nation at $2.773 per gallon.

ULSD in the Midwest region decreased 4.9 cents on average from $2.904 to $2.855 per gallon.

The Rocky Mountain region had an average ULSD price of $2.989, down 2.9 cents from $3.018.

The East Coast region averaged $2.834 per gallon, down 4.4 cents from the previous week’s price of $2.878.

ULSD averaged $2.785 in the Lower Atlantic region, down 4.6 cents from $2.831.

In the Central Atlantic region, the average price of ULSD was $2.898, down 4.3 cents from $2.941 per gallon, while average prices in New England decreased 3.2 cents from $2.955 to $2.923 per gallon.