Rigmaster seeks CARB approval for APU to beat Jan. 1, 2008, deadline

| 8/9/2007

Thousands of 2007 and 2008 model trucks will be prevented from using diesel-fired APUs beginning Jan. 1, but at least one company says it will have a CARB-approved filter ready for installation.

Officials with Rigmaster Power Corp. and DCL International Inc. recently announced that the companies had submitted their 2008 model APU, complete with a diesel particulate filter they expect to be approved by the California Air Resources Board.

CARB had confirmed two previous submittals of DPF systems for APUs, though spokesman Dimitri Stanich said he doubted they’d be approved before at least mid-fall.

A news release from Rigmaster claimed the filter would reduce diesel particulate matter by 90 percent, which is more than the CARB-required 85 percent reduction.

Rigmaster and DCL International are gathering their own test data to submit with previous product information to CARB, according to Amy Egerter, a spokesman for Rigmaster. The companies believe they’ll be able to produce APUs with the DPF in time for trucks to be street legal by Jan. 1.

“We’re going to do everything we can,” Egerter told Land Line Magazine. “I’m sure that in the interest of their own rulings, if (CARB) can’t approve it in time, it’s now in their hands to meet their own commitment.”

Angelique Persaud, a spokesman with DCL International, confirmed that the APU filter is included in the muffler part of the APU engine, but declined to answer product specifics before the project is unveiled at the Great American Trucking Show later this month in Dallas.

California’s new laws set to take effect on Jan. 1 include prohibiting parked idling for more than five minutes and prohibit any current APUs to be operated on 2007 model trucks or newer.

Talk about the new laws has increased in recent months as worries about a lack of available product have hit truck dealers, trucking companies and drivers, Rigmaster’s Egerter acknowledged.

“The thought out there is that APUs are going down,” Egerter told Land Line. “Not just APUs, but trucking companies. How is California going to cope with their own laws?”

Many in the industry, however, have told Rigmaster they’re glad the company is releasing a legal alternative, she said.

– By Charlie Morasch, staff writer