Dallas voters to decide fate of Trinity River toll road

| 7/30/2007

Voters in Dallas will decide the fate of a proposed toll road that would pass through a developing downtown park.

Trinity Vote, a grassroots campaign led by Dallas City Councilmember Angela Hunt against the toll road, received word on Sunday, July 29, that the city secretary certified the minimum number of petition signatures for the question to be placed on the Nov. 6 ballot.

Voters will be asked yes or no whether the toll road should be excluded from the Trinity River Corridor Project as proposed, which would be a six-lane road with a speed limit of 55 mph.

Hunt and others involved in the campaign say the original plan for the park – approved by voters in 1998 – included a non-tolled access road to the park with a speed limit of no more than 35 mph.

“It is extraordinarily shortsighted to put a six-lane tollway in the middle of what is supposed to be Dallas’ destination park,” Hunt states on the group’s Web site, trinityvote.com. “I think future generations will wonder why we did this, why we ruined the Trinity River project by running a toll road through the park.”

A group of toll road supporters known as Save the Trinity say voters approved the project with full disclosure that Interstate 30 and Interstate 35 were in need of congestion relief.

“Forcing a new vote on the Trinity Parkway will not only delay the best answer for relieving downtown traffic congestion, it could potentially kill the whole development project,” members of Save the Trinity, consisting of influential business and community leaders, stated on their Web site, savethetrinity.net.