Authorities crack down on aggressive driving in Miami

| 7/26/2007

The Florida Highway Patrol is trying to make Miami-Dade County a nicer place to drive.

According to The Associated Press, the patrol has vowed to continue its efforts to crack down on rude and aggressive drivers in Miami and Tampa.

During a three-day effort earlier this month, police pulled over nearly 600 drivers in Miami-Dade County for aggressive driving.

Of those stopped, 273 were ticketed for speeding and 185 were cited for aggressive driving. Fourteen drivers were taken into custody and 13 vehicles were towed.

Patrol officers told The AP they will continue to go after the offenders, but didn’t say when or where they would target next.

According to a recent survey by AutoVantage car club, Miami ranked as the worst area in the country for aggressive drivers. The Tampa area ranked 16th.