FEMA ice to go down the drain

| 7/18/2007

Remember all that ice that FEMA finally came up with after Hurricane Katrina?

Well, after paying truckers as much as $900 a day to haul it around the country – and paying $12.5 million for storage – the leftover ice is finally going down the drain.

According to The Associated Press, FEMA tried earlier to give it away but couldn’t find any takers, and since it’s been sitting around for two years now, they’re not sure if it’s still fit for human consumption.

Alexandra Kirin, a FEMA spokeswoman, told The Boston Globe that the ice was in storage at 22 facilities across the country.

Kirin said FEMA purchased 224.3 million pounds of ice from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for 28 cents a pound, a total cost of $62.8 million.

The agency used 139.4 million pounds in 2005, and then hired AmeriCold Logistics, an Atlanta-based contractor, to store the 84.9 million pounds of excess ice, worth about $23.8 million.