J.B. Hunt sues pickup truck driver

| 6/13/2007

It’s usually the four-wheeler who sues the trucker after a wreck. But Arkansas-based J.B. Hunt Transport is suing two Canton, MS, men after a Hunt truck collided with the back of a pickup on May 1.

The Hunt truck burned for hours on the Interstate 55 bridge, reported the Jackson Clarion Ledger, causing about $50,000 worth of damage to the roadway. Unless the court sees it otherwise, J.B. Hunt will be stuck with paying the Mississippi Department of Transportation for road damages.

J.B. Hunt’s lawyers contend that even though the semi rear-ended the pickup, it was the pickup driver’s fault because he allegedly either slowed down or stopped in front of the truck. No one was seriously hurt
According to the Clarion Ledger, Curtis Harris Jr. and Alvin Maxey are named as defendants in the lawsuit, which claims Harris “failed to maintain a safe speed, failed to maintain control of his vehicle, allowed the Ford pickup to dramatically slow or come to a complete stop on the interstate, failed to signal or warn other motorists and failed to pull the pickup truck out of the lanes of traffic.”

At the time, the ’81 pickup was loaned out to Harris.

Maxey, the pickup’s owner, told the Clarion Ledger he can’t understand why he’s being sued, because his vehicle was hit from the back.