Which border ID will you need? Take your pick

| 6/7/2007

The federal government has backed way off from its original plan of requiring returning truckers and other Americans to show a passport at the land border crossings beginning next year.

Instead of requiring everyone to shell out about $100 for a full passport, they’re now talking about various forms of ID that might be accepted – including a new “passport card” which would be about the size of a driver’s license and would cost $45.

But, U.S. State Department spokesman George Staeben told “Land Line Now” on XM Satellite Radio the passport card is just one possible option, and that any number of other documents could get the green light from DHS officials in 2008.

“At some point in 2008, in order to cross the land border between Mexico and the U.S. or Canada and the U.S., truckers will need a document approved by the Department of Homeland Security,” Staeben said.

– By Reed Black, staff writer