New Oklahoma law intended to speed up truck permitting

| 5/31/2007

Oklahoma Gov. Brad Henry has signed a bill into law that is intended to modernize the state’s truck permitting system.

The new law, previously SB410, earmarks a portion of transportation fees that would be routed to the state’s general fund for updating the state’s truck permitting systems.

Fees collected each month in excess of the first $1.216 million in oversize and overweight permit fees will be deposited into the Weigh Station Improvement Revolving Fund. The fund is used for motor carrier permitting systems and motor carrier safety and enforcement.

Supporters say truck permits now are often issued over the phone. The new system would allow permits to be issued immediately on the Internet, they say.

“This bill gives our trucking industry a shot in the arm,” Sen. Kenneth Corn, D-Poteau, said in a written statement. “These trucking companies are losing way too much time and too many dollars waiting on permits.”

Corn also stressed the importance of the trucking industry to the state.

“It only makes sense to dedicate resources to protect that industry so that both the state and the industry are mutually benefited,” Corn said.