Wisconsin grant reimburses up to 70 percent of idle-reduction equipment

| 5/29/2007

Truckers headquartered in Wisconsin can apply to be reimbursed for idle-reduction technology through a $1 million grant aimed at collecting field tests of the equipment.

The Wisconsin Department of Commerce last week sent grant applications to motor carriers for the state’s second annual Diesel Truck Idling Reduction Grant Program.

Contrary to earlier reports, applications will be accepted during the last few days of June, although the program’s July 1 start date is the first day state employees will begin sifting through applications, according to OOIDA Regulatory Affairs Specialist Joe Rajkovacz.

The program’s 10-step application process includes everything from the applicant researching idling reduction technology, obtaining price quotes from vendors to purchasing and installing units before receiving 80 percent of their approved reimbursement.

The 20-percent remainder will be paid after applicants submit six-month and 1-year reports about the technology.

Applications and more information are available online here.

The program is a reimbursement so drivers must be able to pay the technology’s full price before later getting a percentage of that money back, Rajkovacz said.

Eligible applicants must have their fleet headquartered in Wisconsin or be owner/operators that live in Wisconsin, though their trucks don’t necessarily need to be base plated in the state. They must pay at least 30 percent for each “idling reduction unit” covered by the grant and agree to collect and report details about the unit’s performance. Drivers must have a truck built by 1999 or newer to participate.