Truck-related bills OK’d in Indiana

| 5/15/2007

A couple of bills that have wound their way through the Indiana General Assembly are of particular interest to truckers – one would eliminate a trailer registration fee and the other would open more roads to trucks.

Gov. Mitch Daniels signed a bill into law allowing truckers based in the state to keep a little extra change in their pockets. The new law, previously HB1085, eliminates the $2 annual fee to renew the permanent registration of semi-trailers subject to the International Registration Plan.

Elimination of the fee will result in the loss of about $260,000 in annual revenue for the state. The losses are based on about 132,000 annual registrations.

Daniels also signed a bill allowing large trucks more access to certain roads in the state.

Sponsored by Sen. Dennis Kruse, R-Auburn, the bill – SB220 – designates sections of state Routes 3 and 9 and U.S. 20 as extra-heavy duty highways. The distinction allows up to 90,000-pound loads.

A provision added to the bill in the House allows the issuance of annual permits for heavy vehicles transporting ocean going containers. The permit fee will be $800.