Kansas, Oklahoma join Missouri in disaster relief with regulation waivers

| 5/14/2007

In light of recent storms and flooding throughout the Midwest, Kansas and Oklahoma have joined Missouri in temporarily suspending some of their regulations that govern truck traffic in the those states.

According to nearly identical executive orders from Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius and Oklahoma Gov. Brad Henry, the waivers – which only apply to motor vehicles used in the relief effort – suspend:

  • The fees associated with over-dimension and overweight permits;
  • The requirements for registration and fuel tax reporting required by the state’s Department of Revenue; and
  • Other requirements for licensing and operating authority.

Additionally, the waivers – which were both issued May 10 and will expire 30 days later – suspend CFR 49, Parts 390-399, of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, which includes hours of service, cargo securement, hazmat and parking rules, to name just a few

The Missouri Motor Carrier Services Division of the Department of Transportation issued an emergency declaration on May 9. The declaration waived the hours-of-service regulations; some aspects of regulations governing over-dimension/overweight loads; and fuel or trip permits for travel in Missouri, but did not suspend all of Parts 390-399 of the regulations like Kansas and Oklahoma did.

The Missouri waiver will exempt truckers assisting in the relief efforts in Missouri, Kansas and Iowa at least until Saturday, June 9.

In Missouri, permits will be required for over-dimension and/or overweight loads. The waiver applies both to trucks both under load and when returning empty.