Washington’s famed ‘stuck truck’ could move soon

| 4/10/2007

A truck carrying a massive expansion joint for the new Tacoma Narrows Bridge in Washington state may finally get on the road on Tuesday or Wednesday.

That’s according to Kelly Stowe, spokeswoman for the Washington Department of Transportation.

Stowe told “Land Line Now” on XM Satellite Radio that DOT officials were hoping to permit the load – which, combined with truck, is expected to weigh in at 429,000 pounds – on Tuesday afternoon, April 10.

The load has been stuck at or near the Washington-Idaho border for more than two weeks while state officials insisted it be reconfigured before proceeding.

Big Boat Movers out of Zavalla, TX, the trucking company that had the original contract to deliver the expansion joint, decided during the weekend that it was unable to reconfigure its trucks to finish the delivery, and was replaced by Omega Morgan, a Washington trucking firm.
– By Reed Black, staff writer