Washington’s ‘stuck truck’ to remain stuck until Monday

| 4/6/2007

The nation’s most closely watched overweight truck is stuck again – at least temporarily.

The 165-foot-long rig that’s carrying a 100-ton expansion joint for the Tacoma Narrows Bridge is at a state DOT facility near Spokane, WA.

And state officials say – because of expected heavy traffic over the Easter weekend – it will be Monday, April 9, at the earliest before the truck will be allowed to head for its final destination on the other side of the state.

Washington DOT spokeswoman Lisa Murdock told “Land Line Now” on XM Satellite Radio that the trucking company is still trying to reconfigure the rig so that it will have 22 axles, with eight tires on four of those axles.

It’s been about three weeks since the rig – owned by Big Boat Movers of Zavalla, TX – reached the Idaho-Washington state border. Two of those weeks were spent sitting at the border while the trucking company and the state debated how to make the overweight load legal.

– By Reed Black, staff writer