Washington’s ‘stuck truck’ still a slow go

| 4/4/2007

When it comes to hauling a 100-ton bridge expansion joint across the state of Washington, you could say “some restrictions apply.”

The 165-foot-long rig owned by Big Boat Movers of Zavalla, TX, was getting reconfigured at a state DOT facility near Spokane, WA, on Wednesday, April 4. Instead of the 21 axles that state inspectors rejected, the truck will now have 22 axles – four of which will have eight wheels and tires instead of four. 

Washington Department of Transportation spokeswoman Claudia Cornish told “Land Line Now” on XM Satellite Radio that once the truck gets moving toward the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, it will face some big-time driving restrictions in the greater Seattle area.

“As the truck gets over toward the west side of the state in the Puget Sound area, the trucker will come into the most densely populated part of the state,” Cornish said. “The restrictions narrow down in the Seattle area in particular to a four-hour window in the early morning hours on Saturdays and Sundays. That is the most restricted part of the travel.”

The truck in question sat a weigh station on the Washington-Idaho border for two weeks while the trucking company and DOT officials tried to figure out how to reconfigure it to make it legal on Washington highways and bridges.

– By Reed Black, staff writer