The ‘stuck truck’ rides again

| 4/3/2007

An overweight truck that’s been stuck at the Idaho-Washington state border for two weeks is finally on the move – at least for a short distance.

The rig – weighing in at 330,000 pounds and carrying a massive bridge expansion joint – was permitted to drive 10 miles into Washington on Monday.

That put it at a state DOT maintenance facility, where the trucking company planned to reconfigure the load.

Washington DOT spokeswoman Claudia Cornish told “Land Line Now” on XM Satellite Radio that, assuming the new configuration meets requirements, the truck will be allowed to continue toward its final destination – the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.

Cornish said anyone who wants to will be able to track its progress across the state via the Internet. That site can be found here.

“Because the interest in this move has been so high, both for media and public, we are going to attach a GPS unit to one of the pilot cars,” Cornish said.

The 165-foot-long rig made it across five states before being stopped at the Washington state border on March 18, where inspectors said the weight would have to be redistributed before the truck could proceed.

– By Reed Black, staff writer