Bid to split speeds in Oklahoma fails

| 3/27/2007

Large trucks traveling through Oklahoma can continue to drive at the same speed as all other vehicles. A bill in the state's House of Representatives has died that sought to reduce truck speeds in certain areas of the state by 15 mph.

Sponsored by Rep. Richard Morrissette, D-Oklahoma City, the bill remained in the House Rules Committee at the deadline for measures to advance from committee, effectively killing it for the year.

The bill - HB2132 - called for trucks to be slowed from 70 mph to 55 mph while driving on the state's interstate highways through urban areas. All other vehicles would have been allowed to continue to travel at the current speed limit.

Morrissette said the change is needed because trucks cause problems by driving too fast.

"I think (trucks) cause accidents because they just zoom right through I-35 and I-40," Morrissette told The Oklahoman.

Opponents said requiring trucks to drive at speeds slower than other vehicles does not promote safety on the highways. In fact, they said it does exactly the opposite by requiring that vehicles are constantly in conflict with each other.