OOIDA member talks trucks with state senator

| 3/23/2007

Fed up with all of the talk of privatization in his state, OOIDA member Leroy Layser of Lebanon, PA, decided to do something about it.

He called his state senator, Mike Folmer, R-Lebanon, and told him what he thought. The senator, in turn, agreed to meet with Leroy and talk things over. That meeting led to another meeting involving more of Larry's fellow truck drivers.

"What we got from Mike is definitely a 'no' on the privatization and the taxes," Leroy said. "He has a gut feeling that it will not work, and he doesn't agree with it."

The informal meeting between Folmer and about 20 truck drivers took place over the weekend at the Prescott Fire Hall in Lebanon. Leroy said Folmer was very interested in what the drivers had to say.

- By Terry Scruton, staff writer