Land Line Magazine, "Land Line Now" staffers win top honors

| 3/23/2007

More than 60 entries were recognized Thursday night at the fourth annual Communications Awards at the Truck Writers of North America industry awards banquet. Land Line Magazine and "Land Line Now" radio staffers were among those receiving awards for excellence in trucking industry journalism.

Land Line Magazine Managing Editor Sandi Soendker accepted the award for Best Single Issue, in the category for publications with more than 100,000 circulation, for Land Line's August/September 2006 issue. On behalf of the staff, she also accepted a Gold Award for Magazine Writing, Environmental/Regulatory, for "Winds of Change" - a special section featured in the August/September 2006 issue.

Senior Technical Editor Paul Abelson won a Silver Award in Magazine Writing, Technical, General, for "The secret life of engines as told by ECMs" in the November? 2005 issue.

Columnist Bill Hudgins won a Silver Award in Magazine Writing, Entertainment, for "Goshamighty, am I hungry for a pork chop" in Land Line's March/April 2006 issue.

Field Editor Suzanne Stempinski won a Gold Award in Magazine Writing, Feature, for "Shattered," telling the story of OOIDA member Jay W. Hosty, his family, and how they survived Hurricane Katrina. That story published in the March/April 2006 issue.

Staff Writer Aaron Ladage won a Gold Award in Magazine Writing, Feature, for "You don't mind if I look inside your truck, do you?" in which he reported on illegal search and seizure in the May 2006 issue. Ladage also won a Gold Award in Radio, Feature, for "Semi for a Sleigh," about a former trucker who wrote a children's book. Ladage shares this gold with Barry Spillman, "Land Line Now" producer and chief sound engineer.

Land Line Staff Writer and "Land Line Now" News Anchor Reed Black won a Gold Award in Magazine Writing, Interview, for "Bush appointee toeing the line," which was his personal interview with new FHWA Administrator Richard Capka. It published in the August/September 2006 issue.

Staff Writer Dave Tanner won a Gold Award in Magazine Writing, News, for "Toll Hogs," in which he explored foreign consortiums' interest in U.S. infrastructure. The story published in the July 2006 issue.

Black also won a Gold Award, Radio, Truck Beauty Competition category, for "The Legend of the Black Pearl," a story about OOIDA members Shelley and Bob Brinker and their show truck. The story was produced by Spillman. Black and Spillman also teamed up to win a Bronze Award for "Mark Lemke, a father's story" for "Land Line Now."

Also in the radio category, "Land Line Now" Host Mark Reddig won a Bronze Award for his radio interview with Jack Kapanka, the "Trucking troubadour." This, too, was produced by Spillman.

"Land Line Now" Senior Correspondent Terry Scruton teamed up with Reddig and Spillman to win a Silver Award in the Radio, Business, category, for "Smart Port."

The "Land Line Now" crew won a Silver Award in Radio, Fiction, for "Something for Stevie," a short story by Dan Anderson.