ACE enforcement delayed at several border crossings

| 3/23/2007

U.S. Customs has pushed back two deadlines - including one scheduled to kick in Monday, March 26 - for the enforcement of mandatory use of the ACE program by truckers hauling cargo across the U.S. border in Washington, North Dakota and Arizona.

The warning phase of enforcement that was scheduled for March 26 will begin April 26, and the absolute last day to get away with not using ACE in those states was moved from April 26 to May 26. That is when penalties, including the possibility of being turned away at the border, will begin.

ACE was made mandatory back in January for truck cargo crossing into Washington, North Dakota and Arizona, but the enforcement schedule was delayed because of a computer error, a Department of Homeland Security official stated in a press release.

ACE requires truckers to send electronic cargo manifests to U.S. Customs and Border Protection in advance of crossing the border at a U.S. port of entry. ACE will soon be mandatory at all 99 ports of entry into the U.S. It is being phased in a few crossings at a time.

Washington, North Dakota and Arizona were the first states to undergo a mandatory rollout.

The delay in enforcement gives shippers and truckers a little more time to get signed up for ACE or hire a third-party contractor to send electronic manifests on their behalf.

Click here to read U.S. Customs and Border Protection information about ACE or to sign up for the program.

On April 19, ACE is scheduled to become mandatory at land border crossings in California, New Mexico and Texas. On May 24, ACE is scheduled to become mandatory in New York and Michigan.