Slight downturn reported in recent diesel prices

| 3/19/2007

It wasn't much, but diesel prices fell slightly in the past week after six weeks of increases.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration reported that the combined national average price for low-sulfur diesel and ultra-low sulfur diesel was $2.681 for the week ending Monday, March 19, 2007.

That price was four-tenths of a cent below the previous week's price of $2.685, but still remained 10 cents above last year's mark for the same reporting period.

The national average price of low-sulfur diesel was $2.644, down 1.3 cents from last week's price of $2.657. A gallon of ULSD was $2.694, down one-tenth of a cent from last week's price of $2.695.

The EIA separates the national average prices for low-sulfur diesel and ULSD, but provides combined prices and ULSD prices for nine regions.

Average ULSD prices decreased in five regions overall, but increased in four regions.

The biggest drop was in California - one of the nine regions - where ULSD prices decreased 2.4 cents from $2.899 to $2.875.

ULSD in the Lower Atlantic region decreased 1.3 cents to $2.643 from the previous price of $2.656.

The EIA reported a 1.1-cent decrease in the New England region, from $2.732 to $2.721.

?ULSD in the East Coast region dropped six-tenths of a cent from $2.681 to $2.675, while prices increased slightly in the Central Atlantic region from $2.712 to $2.715 per gallon.

The biggest increase was in the Rocky Mountain region, where ULSD prices climbed 3.4 cents from $2.741 to $2.775.

ULSD in the Gulf Coast region stayed steady at $2.637, up one-tenth of a penny. The West Coast region reported an increase of two-tenths of a cent from $2.820 to $2.822 per gallon.

ULSD in the Midwest region decreased four-tenths of a cent from $2.681 to $2.677.