Unicorn wasn't driving after all

| 3/15/2007

A lot of fun was poked yesterday at a story out of Billings, MT, where an alleged drunken driver who crashed his car supposedly told police officers that a unicorn was driving.

But as it turns out, the man simply said hewasn't driving, but he never mentioned a unicorn.

It seems veterans in the prosecutor's office have their own code words for defendants who say they weren't driving. The prosecutors call it the "unicorn defense."

When the case went to court, Deputy Prosecutor Ingrid Rosenquist - who didn't know about the code words - saw "unicorn defense" on a memo from another lawyer in the office, and told the judge the driver had claimed a unicorn was driving.

Yellowstone County Attorney Dennis Paxinos said that's when the media stepped in and gave the story national attention.

- By Reed Black, staff writer