Advocacy group sues FMCSA for Mexican truck info

| 3/14/2007

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is being sued by a group that says the agency has refused to make public information regarding the plan to allow Mexican trucks into the U.S. on a so-called "pilot" basis.

Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety filed the suit with the assistance of the Public Citizen Litigation Group. The highway safety group claims FMCSA failed to respond to a Freedom of Information request that, by law, should have been acted on within 20 days, but wasn't - even after four months had passed.

Public Citizen President Joan Claybrook told "Land Line Now" on XM Satellite Radio that the government is being secretive about the entire pilot program.

"No one's given any details," Claybrook said. "They say they're going to have 100 carriers involved, but they don't know how many trucks. First they said it's going to start in two weeks; then they said 60 days."

In fact, Claybrook called the cross-border trucking pilot program a "fake pilot program" that will feature only the best Mexican trucks and drivers - and that it's designed to result in the opening of the border to all Mexican trucks at the end of the one-year pilot program, no matter how the pilot program turns out.

- By Reed Black, staff writer