Diesel prices up 6 cents for the week

| 3/12/2007

The average price of on-highway diesel prices rose 6 cents during the week leading up to Monday, March 12, 2007.

That's more than 14 cents higher than prices were during the same reporting period last year.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration reported a combined average price of $2.685 for low-sulfur diesel and ultra-low sulfur diesel, up 5.9 cents from the previous price of $2.626.

The EIA has been reporting prices for low-sulfur diesel combined with ULSD and as a separate national average for the last few weeks.

The national average price for low-sulfur diesel was $2.657, up 7.3 cents from the previous week's price of $2.584, while the national average price for ULSD was $2.695, up 5.5 cents from the previous week.

The EIA further breaks down the prices of ULSD by region.

?ULSD in the Rocky Mountain region increased 7.8 cents per gallon - the biggest regional increase of the week - from $2.658 to $2.736.

The Lower Atlantic region reported an increase of 7.5 cents from $2.568 to $2.643.

ULSD in the Midwest region rose 6.7 cents per gallon, from $2.606 to $2.673.

The East Coast region averaged $2.669 for ULSD, up 6.5 cents from $2.604.

The Central Atlantic region reported a 5.1-cent increase per gallon from $2.668 to $2.719.

The New England region reported an increase of 3.7 cents to $2.730.

The Gulf Coast region saw the average price increase 5.7 cents from $2.587 to $2.644.

All nine EIA regions reported increases, including in California, where ULSD remained steady at $2.899 per gallon - two-tenths of a cent higher than the previous week.

The West Coast region averaged an increase of 1.6 cents from $2.795 to $2.811.

Analysts quoted on National Public Radio reported that scheduled maintenance on refineries, combined with an increasing demand for gasoline and diesel, have contributed to recent price increases.

The price of oil by the barrel has dropped below $60 on reports of a warmer-than-average March.