Diesel prices up 6 cents

| 2/26/2007

Average on-highway diesel prices have continued to climb, rising 6 cents from $2.491 per gallon to $2.551 per gallon for the week ending Monday, Feb. 26, 2007.

The on-highway diesel averages includes pricing for both low-sulfur and ultra-low sulfur diesel - both of which are currently being sold on the market.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration only recently began reporting average prices individually for both low-sulfur diesel and ultra-low sulfur diesel in addition to the traditional on-highway diesel averages. Regional averages of ULSD are also now reported.

Low-sulfur diesel increased 6.8 cents nationally from $2.437 to $2.505. The national average price for ULSD was $2.571 - which is 6.6 cents per gallon than its low-sulfur counterpart - was 5.6 cents more than from the previous week's national average of $2.515.

By region for ULSD, the Midwest region saw an increase of 8.1 cents per gallon from $2.461 to $2.542.

The Gulf Coast region had the next highest increase - 7.3 cents per gallon from $2.420 to $2.493.

The Rocky Mountain region had a 5.2-cent increase from $2.529 to $2.581 per gallon.

ULSD prices climbed a penny in California, remaining shy of the $3 mark at $2.911.

Diesel in the West Coast region also climbed a penny to $2.806.

The East Coast region reported a climb of 4.4 cents to $2.538, while prices in the Lower Atlantic region climbed 6.1 cents from $2.433 to $2.494.

Prices in the New England region rose 1.5 cents from $2.637 to $2.652, while the Central Atlantic region reported a 1.6-cent increase to $2.583.