Peters says transportation system 'slipping'

| 2/16/2007

Transportation Secretary Mary Peters says the country is “slipping a bit” when it comes to keeping up with transportation needs.

According to media reports, Peters also told a Chamber of Commerce gathering that tight budgets and the unpopularity of fuel taxes make transportation funding a challenge.

Peters also said she plans to schedule a meeting in Tucson, AZ, with the transportation ministers of Canada and Mexico to discuss improving transportation between the three nations.

Despite Peters’ comments, the Bush administration has not placed an emphasis on highway funding. The administration is required to follow a specific process to adjust highway funding over two years. The $842 million positive adjustment intended for 2007 and 2008 was based on past and estimated future revenue from fuel and truck taxes.

For the 2007 budget, the Bush administration followed the law correctly. However, the 2008 budget proposal didn’t include the $842 million.