Effort to include CMVs under Lemon Law protection fails in South Dakota

| 2/14/2007

An effort has died in the South Dakota Senate to extend protections under the state's Lemon Law to many commercial vehicles.

The? Lemon Law in South Dakota has been in effect since 1993. It applies for one year after a vehicle purchased for personal use is delivered to a buyer or the first 12,000 miles it's driven. If the vehicle cannot be repaired, the manufacturer must replace it with a new one or refund the buyer's money.

The Senate Transportation Committee voted 5-1 to kill a bill - SB120 - that would have expanded the law to include vehicles weighing more than 10,000 pounds, with the exception of motor homes.

Sponsored by Sen. Frank Kloucek, D-Scotland, the bill would have added South Dakota to the short list of states that offer the same protections from for commercial vehicles that are offered to personal vehicles. Connecticut, Nebraska, Texas and Wisconsin are the only states that include large trucks among vehicles protected.