National diesel price same as one year ago

| 2/12/2007

One year ago, the national average price for on-highway diesel was $2.476 per gallon for the week ending Feb. 11, 2006. That's the exact same average price reported for the week ending Monday, Feb. 12, 2007.

The average diesel price climbed 4.1 cents from $2.435 to $2.476 in the most recent report provided by the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

The biggest increase by region was in California, where diesel prices climbed 8 cents from $2.825 to $2.905 per gallon. The California price is soaring nearly 20 cents per gallon more than last year during a similar reporting period.

Most other regions, according to the EIA, have average prices within about 4 cents of last year's averages.

Diesel in the West Coast region rose 5.7 cents from $2.720 to $2.777.

The cheapest diesel by region was in the Gulf Coast, where the average price was $2.394 per gallon, up 3.4 cents from the previous week.

In the East Coast region, on-highway diesel increased 3.2 cents from $2.433 to $2.465.

In the New England region, diesel averaged $2.625 per gallon, up 3.2 cents from $2.593, while diesel in the Lower Atlantic region cost an average of $2.408 per gallon - an increase of 3 cents.

The Central Atlantic region reported an average price of $2.564, an increase of 3.7 cents from the previous week's price of $2.527.

Diesel prices in the Midwest region? rose 5.2 cents from $2.377 to $2.429.

The only region where the average price fell was the Rocky Mountain region. Diesel prices dropped slightly from $2.523 to $2.517 per gallon.