Dorothy the skunk headed home to California

| 2/7/2007

Dorothy the skunk is on her way home.

The wild skunk - which ended up in Canada in late December after curling up inside some plastic pipe that was then loaded onto a tractor-trailer in Ventura, CA - should be back home, safe and sound, by Friday, Feb. 9.

Dorothy was originally found in poor condition after her seven-day special delivery to Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Wildlife experts there nursed the animal back to health, and Trace Nealy, a morning-show radio DJ for 105.5 KFYV-FM in Ventura, CA, and her producer, volunteered to drive Dorothy home - where she'll be released back into the wild.

Driving a donated RV, the pair picked up Dorothy in Detroit on Friday.

Producer Ryan Miller told "Land Line Now" on XM Satellite Radio that the cross-country trip, well . hasn't really stunk. Miller said Dorothy is riding in a pet carrier and gets cleaned and fed by wildlife experts at stops along the way.

"Dorothy has just been an angel thus far," Miller said. "We had our first moment of parental apprehension when we had to let someone else come in and take care of her."

Once back home - and with the help of some animal experts - Dorothy will be released back into her old neighborhood on Saturday.

- By Reed Black, staff writer