Nebraska bill would allow illegal immigrants to drive

| 1/26/2007

A Nebraska state lawmaker has introduced a bill that would allow people without Social Security numbers to get behind the wheel. The rule would not apply to commercial drivers.

Sen. Ray Aguilar of Grand Island has offered a measure that would permit illegal immigrants in the state to obtain a license that could be used only for driving.

The special driver's privilege card would look different than licenses for citizens and legal aliens. The version for illegal immigrants would not be valid for identification or purposes other than driving.

Supporters say a state permit would allow immigrant drivers to purchase insurance and know the rules of the road. It could also make them less likely to leave accident scenes.

As many as 50,000 people in Nebraska could benefit from such a law, the Beatrice Daily Sun reported.

Tennessee and Utah are the only other states that allow people to get drivers' certificates without providing Social Security numbers, which are needed for full drivers' licenses.

The bill - LB266 - is in the Transportation and Telecommunications Committee.