Average price of diesel down more than 3 cents

| 1/23/2007

The average price of diesel nationwide continued its recent trend, dropping 3.3 cents for the week ending Monday, Jan. 22.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration reported a national average price of $2.430 per gallon, down from the previous week's price of $2.463.

The biggest decrease happened in the West Coast region, where the average price fell 5.4 cents from $2.749 to $2.695.

All nine EIA regions reported an average decrease.

The Lower Atlantic region, with a price of $2.361 per gallon - down seven-tenths of a cent from its previous price of $2.368 - matched the cheapest average price in the nation.

The Gulf Coast region also reported an average price of $2.361, down 3 cents from last week's price of $2.391.

Diesel in the New England region fell 4 cents to close at $2.582, the second highest decrease for the week.

The East Coast region reported an average price of $2.421, down 1.6 cents from the previous week's price of $2.437, while diesel in the Central Atlantic region fell 3.4 cents to close at $2.525.

The EIA reported an average price in the Midwest region of $2.371, down 3.7 cents from a previous price of $2.408, while the Rocky Mountain region reported a 3.9-cent drop from $2.625 to $2.586.

California diesel averaged $2.742 per gallon, down 3.1 cents from $2.773.

The national average for the week was 4.2 cents cheaper than the same week of reporting last year.