'Hot fuel' a hot topic at Weights and Measures meeting

| 1/23/2007

The topic of "hot fuel" was center stage at a meeting of the National Council of Weights and Measures that's underway in Florida this week.

On Monday, Jan. 22, representatives for the oil industry tried to convince council members that hot fuel doesn't cost consumers anything.

But OOIDA Association researcher John Siebert told "Land Line Now" on XM Satellite Radio that at the same meeting, he spelled out how hot - and therefore expanded - fuel delivers less energy, which means truckers and other motorists are short-changed.

"The time has run out," Siebert said. "There are state legislatures, there are state attorneys general, and there are governors who are calling for the Weights and Measures people to give them information on automatic temperature-compensation devices."

Siebert, who conducted much of the original research that put the hot fuel issue in the national spotlight, said the council could vote at its July meeting to issue national guidelines for temperature compensation at the pump - and that it would be none too soon from the standpoint of states that want to install the devices.

- By Reed Black, staff writer