Carl Moyer program renewed for $78 million in funding

| 1/22/2007

The California Air Resources Board has announced the allocation of $78 million for the Carl Moyer Memorial Air Quality Standards Program, which provides incentive grants for emissions-control technologies that affect local air quality.

"With the demand for grants routinely outstripping availability, increased funding . will allow California to more rapidly improve air quality." said Robert Sawyer, CARB chairman, in a press release.

The Carl Moyer program was established in 1998 as a grant program to offset the cost of purchasing newer, lower-polluting heavy-duty engines. In its first six years, the program provided about $140 million in funding to clean up more than 6,300 heavy-duty engines.

In 2004 and 2005, the California Legislature approved legislation, which was signed into law by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, to expand the program and continue funding for the Carl Moyer Program and other incentive programs up to $141 million annually through 2015.

Grants from the program are not distributed to individual truckers or fleets. Instead, they are given to local air-quality groups, who in turn provide grants aimed at replacing older truck engines with newer, cleaner-burning ones.

With an average grant amount of $19,000 per engine, the majority of on-road projects have traditionally included transit buses and trash trucks, as well as off-road projects such as construction and agricultural equipment.

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