Lawmaker wants to rein in Indiana's privatization

| 1/17/2007

An Indiana lawmaker has come up with legislation that could slow down - or even stop - any future attempts to privatize the state's highways.

State Rep. Joe Micon, D-West Lafayette, plans to propose a bill that would require a 15-member committee to review all privatization proposals, and would call for public hearings to be held before a deal is signed.

Micon's bill would also limit the length of any private lease a governor signs to the length of the governor's term.

Micon told "Land Line Now" on XM Satellite Radio that there was a lot of opposition when Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels leased the state's toll road to private companies for 75 years.

"In terms of the 75-year lease, the governor who will preside over the end of that lease probably won't even be born for 20 years yet," he said.

Micon said Daniels has also privatized some state health services under a 10-year lease, and that this bill would call those deals into question as well.

- By Reed Black, staff writer