Canada to enact similar border measures to U.S. "ACE" program

| 1/16/2007

The Canadian government has announced $431.6 million in funding for three programs aimed at making the border more secure and trade-friendly.

The five-year plan, announced Friday, Jan. 12, by Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day, will promote and implement electronic manifests for truck cargo, and programs called Business Resumption and Partners in Protection.

Electronic manifests - or eManifests as they are often called - will require carriers to convey cargo and crew information to border officials prior to crossing the border by highway or rail.

This will be similar to the ACE program - Automated Commercial Environment - that the U.S. Customs and Border Protection is phasing in.

ACE in the U.S. will soon require trucks at all ports of entry - full or empty - to transmit electronic manifests to border officials prior to entering the U.S.

The eManifest program in Canada will take five years to implement, according to the Canada Border Services Agency.

Next is the $24 million Business Resumption program that will develop coordinated responses to emergencies, and keep cross-border business and trade moving during a crisis.

The last $11.6 million will pay for border security and investigations into crime and terrorism. This program will be harmonized with the U.S.-based Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism, known as C-TPAT.

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