Assistance fund set up for injured OOIDA member

By Charlie Morasch, Land Line staff writer | 1/15/2007

An OOIDA member from Greensburg, IN, is recovering from severe injuries she sustained as a pedestrian when a pickup hit her and a fund has been set up to help with her medical bills.

Jan Huey was struck and injured by a pickup as she was crossing a street to buy sandwiches for her husband and team driver, Ron, in late December in Cincinnati.

The accident broke Jan’s left femur and sent her barreling on top of a Ford Ranger, causing whiplash and a mini-stroke that has temporarily paralyzed her right side and has left her hospitalized since the accident.

Police at the scene cited Jan for “failure to yield to traffic,” said Christina Newby, the Hueys’ daughter. The family is investigating its legal options to challenge the citation, Newby said.

Jan spent five days in intensive care and nearly two weeks in the hospital before she was moved on Monday, Jan. 8, to the Drake Center inpatient rehabilitation center in Cincinnati, Newby said.

The Hueys’ truck has remained parked since the mishap, and Newby said she doesn’t know when one or both of her parents will be able to hit the road again.

“All of that is kind of up in the air right now,” Newby said.

Though doctors believe Jan will make a full recovery, the couple’s limited health insurance won’t cover most of the estimated $100,000 in medical expenses already incurred, Newby said.

To defray some of the Huey’s expenses, Tammy Maze, Jan’s daughter, has set up a benefit fund at Irwin Union Bank. Anyone can send donations to:

            Janice Huey Fund
            c/o Irwin Union Bank
            PO Box 929
            Columbus, IN 47202

The Hueys have gotten to know many truckers through the couple’s involvement with truck shows and competitions, Newby said.

The couple was featured in the August/September 2003 edition of Land Line Magazine after showing off their 2002 International and its customized wood flooring, cabinets and deck plates at that year’s Truck Show – Las Vegas.

“A lot of people have e-mailed wanting to know how Mom’s doing,” Newby said. “She’s doing well but she’s still got a long road ahead of her.”

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