Diesel technology group touts low emissions of '07 engines

| 1/5/2007

When it comes to harmful emissions, does your rig pass the "white handkerchief" test?

According to the Diesel Technology Forum - a consortium of engine makers, fuel suppliers and exhaust after-treatment manufacturers - the new low-emission 2007 diesel engines do pass the test.

Eron Shosteck, a spokesman for the group, told "Land Line Now" on XM Satellite Radio the test involves holding a white handkerchief over the truck's exhaust pipe - and on one of the new 2007 trucks with emissions-control technology, there aren't any visible changes.

"As the truck is producing emissions, the emissions are so clean, the handkerchief does not change color or retain any odor," Shosteck said. "The emissions reductions have reached 90 percent from 1988 levels."

According to information on the Diesel Technology Forum's Web site, it would take 60 of the new 2007 trucks to produce the same soot emissions as one 1988 tractor.

- By Reed Black, staff writer