Kansas trucking group breaks from ATA stance on two major issues

| 1/2/2007

Despite a different line spouted by the American Trucking Association, the Kansas Motor Carrier's Association's Board of Directors is making itself very clear - don't privatize our toll roads, and don't force us to put speed limiters on our trucks.

Tom Whitaker, executive director of the organization, told "Land Line Now" on XM Satellite Radio his colleagues oppose speed limiters because they eliminate drivers' ability to choose the best speed.

"Basically, the board came down in their decision to say it's a mandate, and they weren't especially receptive to that mandate," he said. "However, they did come back and say . they wanted strict enforcement of current speed limits."

Whitaker said his group is also calling for a fuel tax rebate for truckers if they travel on a privatized toll road.

- By Reed Black, staff writer