Missouri DOT answers SSRS questions

| 12/29/2006

Is the SSRS really going away? What will replace it? In the meantime, will I need to renew? Will I get a ticket for not having a new receipt?

Missouri Department of Transportation's Motor Carrier Services has mailed letters to Missouri-based motor carriers answering these questions and notifying them of important details regarding the demise of the Single State Registration System. The program expires Jan. 1, 2007.

A new program called the Unified Carrier Registration will replace it, but that program is not in place yet.

Here's the Q and A provided by MoDOT:

Will I need to renew and pay SSRS fees for January 1, 2007?

No. SSRS expires Jan. 1, 2007.

Will drivers get a ticket for not having a 2007 SSRS receipt?

They certainly should not. Drivers do need to carry the 2006 SSRS receipt for the rest of

this year. If you encounter a problem, please contact MoDOT Motor Carrier Services.

What will replace the SSRS program?

This Unified Carrier Registration program will replace SSRS. This registration program applies to both for-hire and private carriers that operate across state lines. Interstate

exempt carriers, leasing companies, freight forwarders, private carriers and brokers must

also register under UCR.

What should carriers that carry both interstate and intrastate freight or

passengers do about getting intrastate decals?

Mixed carriers are not required to renew their intrastate until the UCR program begins.

Who is making decisions on the Uniform Carrier Registration program?

A board of state, private and for-hire carrier representatives appointed by the Federal

Motor Carrier Safety Administration is proposing rules and procedures of the UCR.

What will the UCR program cost?

The UCR board is proposing a six-tier fee table. The proposed fee for the lowest tier

(0-1 vehicle) is $75. Those in the highest proposed fee tier (over 1,001 vehicles) would pay $37,500 in total. The FMCSA is considering this recommendation.

Any estimate on when the UCR program can start?

It is anticipated the program can begin in late spring/early summer of 2007.

What has to happen in Missouri for this to work?

Missouri legislators will consider a bill to adopt the UCR in 2007. If it passes as proposed

the program could start upon Gov. Matt Blunt s signature. If the bill does not pass,

Missouri-based carriers will have to travel to another state to register for UCR because

federal law requires carrier participation in UCR.