Weather wreaks havoc on major truck routes

| 12/27/2006

What a mess for truckers and other travelers. While airports are getting plenty of media attention, from coast to coast, it's big trouble for major truck routes, too. And apparently there's more on the way.

Forecasters are saying it appears another major winter storm taking aim at Colorado. The National Weather Service has issued a storm watch for Thursday and Friday, saying more than a foot of snow is expected along the Front Range, with winds gusting up to 45 mph.

The Associated Press quoted one meteorologist as saying, "This could be another doozy."

According to the Reno Gazette-Journal, the latest Sierra snowstorm is making a mess in Nevada. And while the snow is ongoing big news, Tuesday's wind was big news, too, causing power outages, blasting Christmas decorations, trees, fences and billboards down - and even knocking trucks over.

Four semis were blown over by wind Tuesday along old Highway 395 north of Bellevue Road in Reno. Two of the trucks were about 50 yards apart, while a fourth flipped over on Eastlake Blvd., the Nevada Highway Patrol reported.

The trucks had been diverted off U.S. 395 because of blasting winds. No major injuries were reported.

That is not the only part of the country to be pummeled by severe weather. In Florida on Monday, four tornadoes - at least two of which were rated as F-2 on the Fujita scale by the National Weather Service - caused millions of dollars' damage in Daytona Beach, Deland and surrounding areas. Mother Nature delivered damaging winds, destroying dozens of homes and businesses.

No one was injured when a tornado touched down off U.S. Highway 441, according to The AP.