Speeder stops to help trooper

| 12/22/2006

It’s true – the holidays seem to bring out the best in everyone. And we do mean everyone.

In Montana, a state trooper made a U-turn on Interstate 15 recently to go after a speeder who was doing 95 mph in the opposite direction.

But after the officer crossed the grassy median and got up to 120 mph trying to catch up, one of his rear tires blew out, sending his car off the highway and through a fence.

According to The Associated Press, the man he was chasing saw a cloud of dust in his rearview mirror and went back to help the officer – apparently unaware that the trooper had been chasing him.

Happily, the officer was not injured. And the motorist, upon learning what had happened, apologized for speeding.

Not surprisingly, no citations were issued.