Group offers scholarships for vets interested in trucking

| 12/22/2006

For many veterans of military service, the transition back into civilian life can be a difficult one. But when it comes to those individuals entering the trucking industry, at least one group is trying to make the process easier and more affordable.

The Commercial Driver Training Foundation, a subset of Commercial Vehicle Training Association, is offering a total of $1 million to be divided up into about 2,200 scholarships worth $500 apiece. The money is specifically set aside for active duty, retired and honorably discharged members of the U.S. military.

The program is only available for new applicants who want to pursue driver training, such as a CDL.

The scholarships could play well with a piece of legislation that passed the U.S. House in July. The bill – HR3082, also known as the Veterans Small Business and Memorial Affairs Act of 2006 – is supposed to help eliminate barriers veterans face when trying to find an appropriate career during their transition back into civilian life.

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