Intermodal chassis safety draws FMCSA attention

| 12/22/2006

New rules to improve the safety of intermodal chassis were proposed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration on Thursday.

The proposed rules would require the owners of a chassis to register it, do regular inspection and maintenance and respond quickly to any complaints from truckers.

FMCSA spokesman Ian Grossman told “Land Line Now” on XM Satellite Radio that there’s little oversight of intermodal chassis.

“The challenge was, there was a lack of ownership over the safety of these chassis that drivers are picking up,” Grossman said. “What this rule does is hold the appropriate people responsible for safety and maintenance, and it ensures the safety of these intermodal chassis on the roadways.”

The proposed rules on intermodal chassis would also apply to trailers provided by shipping lines, railroads or terminals.

Congress instructed FMCSA to publish the rules as part of the 2005 highway funding reauthorization.

– By Reed Black, staff writer