Michigan bill to revise HOS for certain intrastate truckers advances

| 12/20/2006

A bill that would revise the maximum work day law for certain truck drivers who operate solely in the state has been sent to Gov. Jennifer Granholm's desk.

The Senate overwhelmingly approved the bill - HB6663 - last week before sending it back to the House for approval of changes. House lawmakers signed off on the final version on a 99-3 vote.

Sponsored by Rep. Philip LaJoy, R-Canton, the bill is intended to prevent truck drivers operating within the state's borders and engaged in seasonal construction-related activities from driving too many hours.

Motor carriers operating entirely in intrastate commerce would be prohibited from requiring drivers to be behind the wheel after having been on duty 70 hours in any seven-day period. The rule also would apply to drivers who have been on duty 80 hours in any eight-day period.

In addition, motor carriers would be prohibited from requiring drivers to drive more than 12 hours or be on duty more than 16 hours in any day.

The restrictions would apply regardless the number of motor carriers using the driver's services.