Arkansas bill would require minimum wait after traffic wreck

| 12/13/2006

An Arkansas state lawmaker has filed a bill in the lead-up to the regular session that begins next month that would require drivers involved in wrecks to remain at the scene for at least 30 minutes.

Rep. Chris Thyer, D-Jonesboro, said the effort is intended to keep people at the scene of any wreck that results in injury, death or damage to vehicles in case a law enforcement officer is en route.

"My bill put some sort of time frame in there so that when police or a county sheriff are en route we're going to require the people involved in the accident to stay to respond to any police questioning or anything like that," Thyer told the Arkansas News Bureau.

Thyer pointed out that current Arkansas law requires drivers in crashes to render aid but it doesn't place a time limit on the length of time people stay at the scene.

The bill - HB1008 - is expected to draw consideration during the legislative session that begins Jan. 8.