Geico helping to educate teens about safe driving around trucks

| 12/12/2006

Have you seen the Geico commercials with the modern-day cavemen? Maybe those Neanderthals aren't so dumb after all.

On Monday, Dec. 11, insurance provider Geico announced the addition of "Teens and Trucks," a brochure that gives tips to teen drivers, to its online library of safe driving information.

According to a press release, the brochure includes information for teens on how to safely share the highway with large trucks, includes a number of commonsense tips, such as:

  • Stay out of a truck's blind spots or "No Zones;"
  • Be careful when attempting to pass a truck;
  • Do not swerve in front of a truck or cause the driver to come to a sudden stop;
  • Avoid "Squeeze Play" when a large truck needs to make a wide turn; and
  • Do not cut off a large truck or passenger bus.

To view the "Teens and Trucks" online information, visit