Diesel price increases less than a half cent per gallon

| 12/11/2006

The national average price for a gallon of highway diesel increased since last week, but just barely.

The Energy Information Administration of the Department of Energy reported that the national average price for diesel was $2.621 for the week ending Monday, Dec. 11, 2006, up 0.3 cents from last week's price of $2.618.

Diesel in California increased by more than a dime, however, from $2.860 to $2. 963.

Other increases weren't so drastic in the EIA's nine reporting regions.

Diesel in the Rocky Mountain region increased 1.7 cents to $2.724, while West Coast diesel rose 0.71 cents to $2.931.

The Gulf Coast region reported the cheapest average fuel price at $2.540, an increase of 0.3 cents from last week.

Diesel in the Midwest region decreased by 1.5 cents, from $2.578 to $2.563.

The Lower Atlantic region also saw a price decrease of 0.9 cents from $2.555 to $2.546.

East Coast diesel prices were unchanged at $2.610, while the Central Atlantic region reported an increase of 0.13 cents to $2.730 and New England reported a 0.33-cent increase from $2.716 to $2.749.