Toll road bypasses Texas shopping area

| 12/7/2006

Store owners near a new toll road in Round Rock, TX, are worried that the closing of four exits will cause a decrease in business.

The Austin American-Statesman featured several businesses in a story about the effects of four exits being closed on northbound Interstate 35 as part of the Texas 45 North tolled bypass.

The Texas Department of Transportation opened the Texas 45 North toll road to clear up congestion on I-35, and businesses east of the corridor are coping as best they can.

One business, Kaleidoscope Toys, has already reported a 10- to 15-percent drop in sales. Other businesses weren't sure what the long-term effects would be.

A Texas DOT spokesman told the newspaper that a planned turnaround point at RM 620 will soon give people a chance to double back to shop at those businesses.